IMPROVED ACCESS TO HOUSING AND BASIC SERVICES FOR THE URBAN POOR is FORD FOUNDATION supported project is an initiative for awareness and sensitization among Slum dwellers regarding access to housing with facilitation of basic services, Social Security Schemes. Awareness about schemes / mission of government for Urban poor through Workshop, Meeting, Advocacy tool, Nukad Natak, Distribution of IEC (Information, Education and Communication) material etc.

100 slums covering six cities of Jharkhand namely Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Jharia (Dhanbad), Hazaribag, Chaibasa and Chas (Bokaro) since 2016 and 10 slums each of Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Jharia (Dhanbad), Hazaribag, Chaibasa from 2011-2016


  • Institutional capacity development: ASES staff members are strengthened on various components like ownership of land which states classification of register of titles in six categories and one has to fulfill all in order to have ownership of land, which all slums are called untenable in accordance with PMAY, slums acts of  some cities like Mumbai, Karnataka etc., about various macro components of city development plan and Master Plan in details like existing and proposed land use map, which colour depicts what in master plan followed by difference between acts, policies and programs.
  • Basti level meeting and joint meeting:
    Basti level meeting is day to day activity in order to strengthen the bonding with basti representative and people. Respective staffs regularly visit baste and had discussion with people on various baste issues and finding the ways to overcome. Purpose of Joint Basti meeting is to bring together representative of each basti in one platform, so that ongoing work and recent happening can be shared by each other and further discussions are held for necessitate action to be taken by approaching the respective department. At Joint basti committee meeting, community discusses about problems faced with the existing social security scheme, prevailing schemes/mission of government, required basic civic amenities followed by any amendment in the schemes/mission and related matter which must be shared among the community.
  • Capacity development of community leaders & CBO’s at city level:
    There are schemes being run by Department of Labour, Employment and Training, Government of Jharkhand (GoJ) for unorganized and construction labour. Since most of the basti people are engaged in these segments only for livelihood, hence make people aware and sensitise about the schemes through camps and basti meeting. Shared in details about the registration process and benefits available in the scheme. In this regard, each city departmental officials supported our staff so that more and more people can register in the scheme. There were discussions in detail with regard to Master Plan. How Master plan is prepared and which depicts what and what is the meaning of land use i.e. proposed and existing land use. Whom to approach if there is violation in land use and how details can be gathered through filing RTI. Simultaneously refresher program was organized on components of PMAY and status of basic civic amenities.
  • Sensitization workshops with interactive sessions in educational institutions:
    There were discussion with regard to urbanization and role of urban poor in development of city. How villages are converted into towns and what are the criteria for the same. Students were made aware about census town and statutory town. Urban poor are an integral part of the country and they too equally contribute in the economy. They are the city makers. How eviction and demolition affects the life of all be it children or adult. There were discussions with regard fundamental rights and shared with them that The Constitution guarantees six fundamental rights to Indian citizens which are: (i) right to equality, (ii) right to freedom, (iii) right against exploitation, (iv) right to freedom of religion, (v) cultural and educational rights, and (vi) right to constitutional remedies. This was done to change the narratives about urban poor.
  • Formation of Ward Committee for facilitating the process of planning for upgradation of slums:
    We invited ward parshad along with people from diversified segment in the program being organized by us and some cities ward parshad participated in the program too. Ranchi ward parshad too participated in the program and ensured to raise concern in the board meeting which is held at Municipal office. We made people aware about main theme of 74th Amendment Act which says that “planning for ward must be prepared by local residents in presence of ward parshad and ward committee members.” Planning must be prepared at basti level and the same needs to be submitted to concerned urban department officials for perusal. During the meeting, basti people use to share problems of basti related to basic civic amenities and later submitted letter to ward parshad for the same.  This will ensure Participatory rights by basti representative for making of development plan for the ward under 74th Amendment of the constitution of India.
  • Capacity development of Ward Committee for understanding the conceptual framework of slum redevelopment, resettlement and upgradation in planning process
    This program was organised in five cities namely Ranchi, Dhanbad, Hazaribag,Chaibasa and Chas(Bokaro). During the training we focus on various components of Ward Committee such as formation, functions, and work in detail. Had discussion regarding mohalla sabha and subcommittee. Ward parshad of some cities too participated in the program and there was healthy discussion on this topic. Other cities to replicate the process soon as we have also submitted letter at Municipal Corporation regarding this.
  • Networking meeting with all significant stakeholders:
    We invited various government departmental representatives wherein they had conversation with basti people in informal way. Since this program is being organized for making healthy and conducive environment and relationship between basti people and various stakeholders, hence there was informal conversation with representatives and officials’ especially labour department of each city shared their contact details and said that they can meet them if they face any kind of issues related to their department.
  • Nukadnatak show and Nukadsabha:
    Nukad Natak on voter awareness was done in each city and made people aware that each single vote counts, hence everyone must use their right of voting. Nukad Natak team tried to make people aware about the first contact point for approaching for any basti related issue ie ward parshad. Also as per 74th Amendment Act planning for ward is to be done at basti level and accordingly plan formulated and implemented, hence aware basti people about participation in planning process and raise query with regard to development of basti to elected representative Awareness and sensitization through Nukad Natak on flagship scheme/program of government namely Swachh Bharat Mission, PMAY and DAY-NULM.

CHANGE ENABLED during last year:

  • 445 community members including CBO representative  strengthened and capacitated about various schemes/ mission like PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Housing for All), SBM (Swachh Bharat Mission), AMRUT ( for water supply), electricity and various social security schemes followed by legal perspective by DLSA ( District legal Services Authority) thereby ensuring active participation in implementation process by pioneers of community. Youths and basti leaders were aware and sensitized with regard to fundamental rights.
  • 262 basti meeting and 20 Joint basti committee meetings with all CBOs and basti leaders were held during the year.
  • 174 ward meetings (Mohalla Sabha) were held. This was done for making basti people aware and sensitize about concept of 74th Constitution Amendment Act, 1992. During Mohalla Sabha shared in detail about roles and responsibilities of Local Self Government in Urban areas and mandatorily formation of ward committee in all municipal body.
  • As regards to demonstrated improvement of basic services, 33 slums made open defecation free (ODF); electricity connection to 482 households and water supply to 844 families
  • 272 students and 14 professors comprising of 3 colleges sensitized on the roles and responsibilities of urban poor, thereby changing their own behaviour and attitudes towards the urban poor that they are city makers and not encroachers.
  • Supported in Rehabilitation of 1 slum (Ghanwadih) of Jharia, Dhanbad under Jharia Rehabilitation and Development Authority (JRDA) scheme of BCCL.
  • As most of the basti people were not aware about planning and other micro components. We were able to make them aware about what Master Plan is and how it can be used as tool as it depicts present and proposed use of land which help them in knowing that what is existing land usage of their place of habitat. Extensive program is to be done to reach out to mass about Master Plan. More and more civil society and CBOs working on any thematic issues should be brought together for discussion of Master Plan.
  • There is active participation of women in each program and in fact basti meeting too, hence we are strengthening them to raise the issues of the basti at different forums. Women groups are strengthened about schemes/mission of the government and in the days to come women group will be formed. .Youths are the future of the nation, hence gradually making them participate in basti meeting.