Kishlay Palna Ghar

Kishlay Palna Ghar (Creche) is being run since 1994 with the support from local contribution and donations. Donations are in Cash and kind form. Food and day to day items are sponsored by Rajasthan Maitri Sangh and AIWC (All India Women’s Committee). Rotary (West), Taruben Gandhi, Tata Steel and other local donors donate occasionally for the needs of the children. The reason for establishment of crèche was felt because most of the children’s parents residing in slums are single parent and work as daily wagers or house maid for livelihood. Also Younger sibling is cared by elder sibling as both parents work for livelihood; as a result younger sibling didn’t attend school. Now parents can leave their children at crèche without disturbing their family. For ensuring education and caring for children, ASES work with these children. Volunteers teach the children in the morning and evening. Monthly subscription is charged for keeping the children at Plana Ghar, which is contribution for participation.